A Chance Meeting in Mount Pleasant

A Chance Meeting in Mount Pleasant

A neighbourhood with a view.

Walking home from Kingsgate Mall this morning, I was struck by the clear, wintery view of the city and of the mountains covered in snow. I often appreciate how wonderful it is to see the Vancouver cityscape from the streets of my neighbourhood. I don’t need to have this view from my house, because I see it every time I step out my door.

“Nice to meet you, Max.”

I stopped to take a picture and then saw another gentleman doing the same thing off to my left. We laughed as we noticed each other, and partway through our small talk about how lovely the day was, he said, “You’re Mary Cleaver, aren’t you?” We introduced ourselves, and I learned that Max is retired and has lived in a heritage conversion on my block for the last 21 years. We talked a bit about what we love about living in Mount Pleasant and how it has changed over the years. These kinds of interactions happen a lot in my neighbourhood, and they are something I really value.

How we chose Mount Pleasant.

Approaching my seven-unit townhouse building, I found my husband shoveling our shared walkway. This winter has been an exercise in co-operation with our neighbours to try to keep the sidewalks clear. When we bought our home almost eight years ago, I remember feeling like we’d compromised because we had planned to buy a single-family home. There was one near Commercial Drive that we loved. The market was as hot as usual and there were several offers on the property. We bid $40,000 over the asking price, but it wasn’t enough. We bought our Mount Pleasant townhouse the very next day.


Thinking back on it now, it was the best thing that could have happened. We have six neighbours to help with snow, general maintenance, or a cup of sugar. Six families join us at Dude Chillin’ Park, carpool to school, or share a drink or snack when the kids have gone to bed.

Living in the heart of Vancouver, walking everywhere, sharing the load with our neighbours, and being part of a caring community is such a blessing! I’m thankful for my encounter with Max today. With all the craziness in the world right now, I think I needed a reminder of all that I have to be grateful for.