A Tale of Two REALTORS®

A Tale of Two REALTORS® Whose Service Inspired a Third.

This is a true story about two hard working, ethical realtors and how they inspired me to leave my comfy music industry career, and start my own business in real estate.

It started at an open house in Kitsilano.

Shortly after moving to Vancouver, I met Dale Klemke at an open house in Kitsilano. He didn’t me ask me to sign in and he didn’t pressure me to work with him. He thoughtfully answered my questions and gave me his card when I asked for it. His friendly, laid back demeanor did more to win me over than any aggressive sales tactics could have, and a full six months later when I was ready to buy, I called him.

You can’t live in the ceilings, Mary.

He and his son, Greg showed me close to 40 condos over the next few weeks. As is usually the case in Kitsilano and Fairview, it was a sellers market and we wrote several offers for homes we didn’t get. At one point, Dale talked me out of making an offer on a suite in Kits. It was on the top floor and had beautiful vaulted ceilings but was clearly too small and had a weird layout. My roommate and my future husband could see it wouldn’t work, but I think I was feeling the pressure of the multiple offers and just wanted to find one already. It was Dale who convinced me by saying “You can’t live in the ceilings, Mary”.

Kits condos, offers, Fairview condos, more offers and then THE ONE!

Finally, we found it. The home that made me forget about the others. I think we all knew it and this time, we got an accepted offer! During the subject period, I started to get cold feet and to reassure me, Greg took me to see everything new on the market, so I would know 100% that there was nothing better. And there wasn’t.

Dale’s wise council saves me from making a huge mistake.

Fast forward three years. My financial advisor suggested I sell the condo and invest the profit. I called Dale, and asked him what he thought and he asked me two questions:

Where will you live? And
Do you still enjoy your home?

Dale could have listed my condo by agreeing with my financial advisor. But he didn’t agree. He reminded me that I had to have a home, and said that r​eal estate would “stand me in good stead”.

I was just smart enough to take his advice and it paid off.

When I finally sold the condo in 2009, the equity allowed me to move up to a townhouse with room for my growing family. The four of us live here comfortably to this day, something that may not have been possible had I been out of the market for those years. Meanwhile I might have lost some of those profits in the financial crisis in late 2008 had I sold the condo earlier to invest in the stock market.

Decision Time. Comfy music industry career vs starting my own real estate company.

Over the course of three real estate transactions (and the ones Dale talked me out of) these two REALTORS® had more influence over my personal wealth than anyone else in my life. You could argue they had a huge impact on my life beyond finances too, since our homes are about so much more than money.

I learned from my personal real estate journey, that REALTORS® who truly care can make a big difference in people’s lives. Leaving a job I loved to start my own business wasn’t an easy decision. It was a risk and I had a family to support. But I wanted to be for others, what Dale and Greg had been for me. I quit the music industry and began my real estate career in 2011.

How their example shapes my business to this day.

As REALTORS® our job is to put our clients needs ahead of our own. It’s a promise we make to each one. It isn’t just buzzwords and marketing, it’s hard work and commitment. It means listening more than speaking, showing a buyer dozens of homes, suggesting to someone a house isn’t right for them, talking a homeowner out of listing their condo for the wrong reasons, or referring a client to another agent if the fit isn’t right.

If Dale and Greg hadn’t gone above and beyond for me, I don’t think I’d be in real estate today. I certainly wouldn’t be writing about them all these years later and following their example in my business the best I can.

Anyone can get a real estate license. But dedication sets great agents like Dale and Greg Klemke apart. I’m sure they have hundreds of grateful past clients and I’m one of them.

The End.